Brand Name: Centrum Vitamints
  Brand Owner: Pfizer
  Entering Company: DAVIS
  Brand/Graphic Designer: DAVIS

  Brand Name: Oros
  Brand Owner: Oros
  Entering Company: Interbrand
  Brand/Graphic Designer: Interbrand

  Brand Name: Little Ones by Compliments
  Brand Owner: Sobeys Inc.
  Entering Company: Fish out of Water Design Inc.
  Brand/Graphic Designer: Fish out of Water Design Inc.
  Pre-press/Printer: Box - Master Packaging , Pouch - Farnell Packaging Ltd.

  Brand Name: Tom's of Maine Baby
  Brand Owner: Tom's of Maine
  Entering Company: CIULLA ASSOC
  Brand/Graphic Designer: CIULLA ASSOC, Executive Creative Director Sam J Ciulla, Design Director Shelley Scheer