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PAC Membership
As of 2018 PAC membership has gone to an “all-inclusive” model. Membership includes all services and benefits related to our PAC NEXT, PAC FOOD WASTE, intelliPACK programs and all other PAC activities. A PAC membership entitles all members access to all PAC programs and activities.
Membership Categories A, B, C, D E, P, I, and S
• A, B, C, D, and E fees based on sales or purchases.
- Buyers and sellers of packaging materials, services and technologies OR
- Buyers, sellers, haulers and processors of discarded packaging materials
• P - Professional services
• I - Individual (government & company)
• S - Schools/students/associations
Taxes included in final invoice if applicable.

Category (millions) CAD$ US$
A 150+ 9,975 8,480
B 50-150 8,140 6,920
C 10-50 4,725 4,015
D 2.5-10 3,195 2,715
E up to 2.5 1,520 1,295
P Professional services members 1,800 1,530
I Individual (government & company) 730 620
S Schools/students/associations FREE FREE

Membership Application Form
Download the application form above, save, and send to labraham@pac.ca