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Brand Marketing: Brand Revitalization

All award winners photographed with Steering Committee Chairman: Kevin Collins and PAC President: Jim Downham

Brand Revitalization, Food & Beverage - Silver Winners

Rachel Doll, Tetra Pak

Irresistibles Egg Nog
Anna Agozzino, St. Joseph Communications and Eric Gagnon, Metro

Irresistibles Cookies
Marie Horodecki Ames, Metro and Creeshla Hewitt, St. Joseph Communications

Irresistibles Gusto Italiano Pizzas
Marie Horodecki Ames, Metro, Dennis Benoit, St. Joseph Communications, and Bruce Gilbank, SGS

Irresistibles Maple Products
Jennifer Ireland and Dennis Benoit, St. Joseph Communications

Minute Maid
Judy Lin & Vanessa Toperczer, Coca-Cola

Marc Beauregard & Clement Dura, Bo Branding & Design Agency Ltd.

Western Family Burger Cartons
Larry Kirsh, Goldrich Printpak

Campbell's Soup
Dianne Mullane, Shikatani Lacroix and Brittany Satey, Campbell's Company

Veggie Crisps and Veggie Multigrain Popped Crisp Snack Foods
Laura Brown, Dare Foods

Angelica Accosta, Ampac, a division of ProAmpac

Western Family Pasta imported from Italy
Wade Pelletier, RKW Communications Inc.

Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Chips
Antonetta Martino, Anthem Worldwide

Brand Revitalization, Food & Beverage - Gold Winners

Muskoka Springs Craft Beverages
Doug Robson, Bridgemark

Simon Small, Ultima Foods

Triscuit Limited Edition Series
Linda Ranson-Smith, Davis

Higgins & Burke Naturals
Nymisha Puri, Mother Parker's

Brand Revitalization, Non Food - Silver Winners

Irresistibles Facial Tissues
Eric Gagnon, Metro, Anna Agozzino, St. Joseph Communications, Bruce Gilbank, SGS

Herbionik Grass Seed
Angelica Accosta, Ampac, a division of ProAmpac

Brand Revitalization, Non Food - Gold Winners

Schick Hydro Silk
Katherine Lorenzo, Edgewell

Solid Gold Pet
Richard Hugo, Peel Plastic Products