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Specific Package

All award winners photographed with Steering Committee Chairman: Kevin Collins and PAC President: Jim Downham

Labels - Silver Winner

Chantilly French Cream
Tara Celoto, Jones Packaging Inc.

Labels - Gold Winner

Diet Coke One-of-a-Kind Promotion
Jennifer Hottinger-Sloan, Coca-Cola

Paperboard - Silver Winner

Tara Celoto, Jones Packaging Inc.

Paperboard - Gold Winners

Forty Creek Distillery Ltd.
Tara Celoto, Jones Packaging Inc.

Saxon Signature Fruit Totes
Brad Wilson, Rayment & Collins Ltd.

Royal Canin
Peter Davidson, FX Creative

Corrugated Containers - Silver Winners

Black Fly, Pommies Cider Co., Zavida® Organica, and Les Brasseurs RJ
Debi Bowins and Tim Boissinot, Packaging Technologies Inc.

Clean & Clear
Anthony Paglia, Forthought Branding + Design

Corrugated Containers - Gold Winners

Angie Narain, Forthought Branding + Design

Smart Tote
Marie Michelle Dubé and Sarah Lavoie, LM Packaging

Shed Brewing Company Inc.
Debi Bowins, Packaging Technologies Inc

Sapporo Brewing Company
Steve Wilkie, Sleeman and Bryan Dilts, Rayment & Collins Ltd.

Flexible - Silver Winners

Real Jubes
Richard Bauco, Schawk

Tic Tac (Minions)
Kat Kabay, Forthought Branding + Design

Irresistibles Old Fashioned Potato Chips
Marie Horodecky Ames, Metro, Bruce Gilbank, SGS, and Jennifer Ireland, St. Joseph Communications

Federated Co-op Gold
Sav Bellissimo, Federated Co-op Ltd.

Stacey Hunte, Tempo Plastics

Flexible - Gold Winners

Sean Knight, Tempo Plastics

Blue Orchard Smackers
Diana Courtepatte, TC Transcontinental

Rigid/Semi-Rigid Containers - Silver Winners

Maple Hill Creamery WM Maple 32oz Yogurt, Fresh & Healthy Small Curd 16oz Cottage Cheese, Liberte Classique Maple 750g Yogurt
Mirjana Suric, Polytainers Inc.

Irresistibles Olive Oil
Eric Gagnon, Metro and Dennis Benoit, St. Joseph Communications

Rigid/Semi-Rigid Containers - Gold Winners

Irresistibles European Biscuits
Marie Horodecki Ames, Metro and Creeshla Hewitt, St. Joseph Communications

Ashley Cornyea, Printex Transparent Packaging