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Ease of Entry:
You may save your entry information to edit and complete at a later time. All competition entry forms and payment are due by noon Friday, March 29, 2019. One physical sample of each entry must be submitted to the judging site on April 4 (details on last page of form).

The PAC Canadian Leadership Awards Competition is open to any individual or company directly involved in the brand ownership, and/or graphic, and/or structural design, and/or pre-press and/or manufacture of a package sold anywhere in the world. The package must be in market by February 1, 2017 and no later than close of competition on March 29, 2019.

The entry shall be a single package, OR a line of packaging in the same container / structure OR a line of packaging across a variety of different containers/structures.

JUDGING: Send one sample of each entry for judging.
Please replace perishable food entries with an alternative filler,
similar in weight and shape, where possible.

Entries will be judged as follows:

  • Marketing/Business Objectives
  • Collaboration Process
  • Brand Positioning/Target Market
  • Shelving Strategy
  • Packaging Innovation
  • Sustainability Design
  • Design Performance Improvement
  • Excellent written content generally yields good results
  • Be succinct, do not repeat or overstate
  • Facts are more important than subjective views
  • Market success is the ultimate demonstrator of success
  • Testimonials, awards, or recognitions offer credibility


Important - If you win an award the photo you submit will be incorporated into the award you will be receiving from PAC.
Your entry form must be accompanied by a high res, straight-on photo in RGB, of your entry on a neutral background for our panel of judges to view.

Image Technical Specs:
  • Each image should be provided at 9" x 8" at 300 dpi and add 0.5" bleed (total size is 9.5" x 8.5").
  • Each image must be in one of the following formats; JPG, PNG, GIF.
  • Maximum filesize for each image is 3 MB.

  • You can submit as many photos as you wish. It can be a single package or multiple packages that best supports your entry.
    You may also include (not mandatory) a second "beauty" shot highlighting any fine details of the package you wish to be emphasized.

    New This Year: You may include a ~90 second video (through a link to the video on Youtube, Vimeo, other website, etc) about your entry if you wish.

    If submitting in the Brand Marketing category, you must also submit a ‘merchandising/store shelf’ photo, showing your package on shelf with others (image technical specs not necessary for these).


    Please ensure the company names of your participants are accurate as all media and website lists, plaque awards and press releases will be prepared from these forms.

    REMINDER: All Competition entry forms are due by noon on Friday March 29, 2019. Your physical sample needs to be delivered to the judging facility (location on last page of entry form) on Thursday April 4, 2019.


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