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The Story

Download the agenda here

September 28 - Day One

8:05 AM
Alexander Manu
Starting from Scratch: The Future as a Choice
Alexander Manu surveys the fast changing context for organizations in market spaces where online behavior is replacing physical proximity. Thriving in this new context needs transformational leadership, knowledge and courage.

9:00 AM
Dave Rodgerson
Customer Expectations in 2025
Consumer expectations are changing. How will the future look from the shopper perspective? Wearable devices, social media influence, mobile interaction with digital signage are just the beginning. These concepts (and more) will inform each of the sessions that follow in PAC To The Future.

Mike Ferrari Packaging The Great Connector - Consumers, Omni Shopper Channels
The power of the Internet has put the consumer demanding what they want and when they want it. The retail shelves are no longer where the brand battle is fought. The shopper journey has evolved into the omni shopper channels and brands marketers are trying to respond. Packaging plays a much more important role than ever before to harmonize the brand message, create engagement and promote interaction.

10:35 AM
John Scott
Perspective: The Consumer Sets a New Dynamic In Retail Food
A fast paced exploration of the reality of the new consumer which is dictating rapid change and bold new offerings in a traditionally sedate sector of the economy. What’s in it for packaged goods?

David Luttenberger
Packaging Solutions for the Next Generation
There’s a parallel path between brands striving to engage consumers on a more personal level and consumers’ expectations for packaging to deliver that experience. That journey starts with creating packaging solutions vs. delivering disruptive packaging.

Laura Studwell Packaging for the Future: Vision 2025
The packaging industry has undergone a refined revolution in recent years and it is now one of the most innovative manufacturing sectors in North America. In this session, we will explore the role packaging will play in our economy over the next 10 years.

1:30 PM
Rob Wallace
Branding 4.0 - The Age of Hyper Customization
The days of a single brand message impacting 100 million consumers is over. Soon the brand will have 100 million brand identities/package designs customized to every consumers and still being“on-brand�. Rob will share case studies where brands like L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Absolute, Heineken and other leading brands have engaged consumers in a truly individual way. The result creates relevant disruption, unprecedented engagement and optimal ROI.

Jeff Davis Retail Channel Strategy
Davis looks at different retail channels (grocery, mass, club, convenience, dollar, e-commerce), why a brand needs a channel strategy, and what the design implications are for a brand.

2:20 PM
Stephen Kaufman
The Future Opportunity in Current Packaging Tensions
Together we'll explore the vectors along which packaging will evolve in the next 10 years, driven by competing consumer preferences that Stephen Kaufman is seeing today.

3:50 PM
Tom Szaky
What Does Circular Packaging Look Like in 2025; and Can We Get There?
Today the circular economy is garnering fantastic attention on a global basis, yet more and more packaging is become less circular through various global trends from packaging light weighting to the introduction of more complex polymers. What needs to happen to create the right framework to move to truly circular design, and what would that look like for the consumer, retailers and manufacturers?

September 29 - Day Two

Ken Brooks
The Story Behind Larger Global Consolidation
2025, a year by which industry consolidation will have created ever larger, more global, industry participants all playing in a multitude of end markets, substrates, and production technologies! Find out the reasons why at PAC to the Future!

David Bowyer Consolidation of the Label Sector
2025 will be a continued exciting era in the label and packaging world. Speed will be the key in all aspects of the business. The industry will have been heavily consolidated benefiting the customer with many global printers that provide personal regional service.

9:15 AM
Ryan Modlin
Message In A Bottle
Glass has 3000 year history in circular economy - endlessly reusable, refillable, recyclable. Premium packaging with quality and beauty others envy. Always earth and ocean friendly. Glass and nothing else.

Elisabeth Comere Redesigning the Future with Renewable Packaging
Tetra Pak’s journey in tackling the nexus of sustainability & innovation through increased use of renewable materials in its carton packages, with a goal to leverage business benefits and strengthen environmental offers of brands to meet climate goals and drive sales.

Al Metauro Printed Paper & Packaging Recycling
The circular economy is being embraced by producers to support a ‘restorative’ system. New principles of design for circularity allow discarded materials to be managed effectively from the initial design to its end of life. This concept has driven investments in R&D resulting in superior design of materials, product and recovery systems. Technology is simplifying the recovery of materials. Zero waste may be in sight?

10:40 AM
Solange Ackrill
Disrupting Single Serve Coffee Using Compostable Packaging
Compostability is a packaging solution that meets consumer goals for convenience and eco-friendliness. Club Coffee shares lessons and challenges from creating the world's first certified 100% compostable single serve coffee pod.

Atul Bali Competitive Sustainable Packaging Technology Platforms - A Novel Approach
This is a novel approach to using Ag biomass with new carbon based bio-polymers to provide competitively priced recyclable and compostable solutions to eliminate landfill waste.

11:25 AM
Christina Cvetan
Jeffery Moore
An Introduction to intelliPACK: A Collaboration for Smart Solutions
A collaborative network of complimentary businesses working together to enable Intelligent Packaging and support the Printable and Organic Electronics industry in North America.

Russell Schwartz The Future of Packaging
Key consumer and societal influences on packaging technology include climate change, population shifts, and other demographic factors. Key technological advances in material science, including electronic materials, and computational power will enable a new generation of packaging options. However, as in most industries, economics will ultimately determine which new technologies prevail.

Sam Salem Get Smart: Leveraging Connected Packaging to Drive Business Value
Smart Packaging provides a compelling opportunity for growth by creating brand brilliance and product loyalty for many of the world's top brands. Joe Stodola will share real-life examples of smart packaging applications that incorporate technology enablers such as printed electronics, micro assembly and smart labeling, creating unprecedented connected ecosystems that build revenue and margin for the world's top brands.

12:45 PM
Malcolm Brodie

John Snow

Michael Goeres

Keith Fanta
What Will the Circular Economy Look Like in 2025 - Industry and Government Perspectives
Join Industry and Government panelists as they share a 2025 vision of the Circular Economy and how collaboration will be key to reduce and eliminate packaging waste while staying true to the principles of a sustainable future - people, profit, planet.