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2016 PAC Student Competition
Just One Package Innovation Challenge

 • This Competition was for an imaginary product. Walmart Canada asked students from 7 Ontario colleges and universities to help them with their plastic bag waste reduction initiative, designed to reduce consumer reliance on single-use bags.
• The goal was to eliminate the need to 'bag' mid to large sized items, and to design a 'carrying' solution into the product's packaging or instore applications for handling and transportation convenience to the home.
• The core design objectives: branding and packaging solution must appeal to consumers ; packaging solution should be environmentally friendly; packaging solution must be convenient to use; develop a flexible system that can extend to multiple product offerings; Cost is an important factor for the brand owner or retailer

Presenters: Andrew Telfer, Walmart Canada & Rachel Morier, PAC Packaging Consortium

1st Place

The Cube: Stand Up, Stand Out

Lindsay Van Wick, Eduardo Diniz Souza, Kelly Goodwin

2nd Place

Waste Not

Jasmine Isidoro, Gwenda Thomas

3rd Place

Zip N' Go

Amanda McCutcheon

Strap It In Packaging Solution

Alyssa Andino, Elina Shafigullina

Peel and Stick Easy Carry Handle

Daniel Slaa