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Members gain exclusive access to this password protected PAC Membership Directory All PAC Members, whether Corporate or Associate will receive a Username and Password.  
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Features of PAC Members' Area
• Members Home: landing page for the Members Area My Profile: lists your personal contact information - please ensure this is accurate and edit accordingly (Note: Corporate members can also make changes to the Company Profile and 'supply chain category fields')
• Membership Renewal: shows the status of your company's membership dues payment for the year (Note: Only applicable to Corporate Members)
• Membership Directory: new and improved, password protected online PAC Membership Area Directory lists ALL contact information for each PAC member. Using your own individualized password, listed below, you can search for any member of The Packaging Association by name, or by product/service type, or by location, and you can make any changes to your own record at any time! (Note: The public Membership Directory available on the general PAC website is open for all visitors, but only the website of the member company is listed.)
• PAC Events: logs you out of Directory and directs you to Events Calendar page of website Sign Out to the Home Page: logs you out to the PAC website Homepage