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Maximize the reduction of food waste through prevention and extension of shelf life utilizing sustainable packaging solutions.


To unite leading packaging value chain North American organizations to collaboratively explore, evaluate and mobilize packaging solutions that prevent food waste.

Supply Chain Boundary

From farm & sea to home consumer.


To investigate the causes of food waste, identify packaging opportunities for innovation, extend product shelf life, inform and educate the broader community.


A Catalyst for Food Waste Packaging Solutions.

Geographic Boundary

Serving North America while sharing solutions globally.

Guiding Principles

Alignment with Save Food, Food Waste Reduction Alliance and like-minded organizations.

Proud Member of SAVE FOOD


Goal - Understand the sources of food waste across the supply chain and the role that packaging and the circular economy can play in reducing this waste.

Food Hierarchy - Integrate composting as a valuable option for both organics and compostable packaging.

Food Labelling - Harmonized food labelling standards are needed that avoid good quality food from being thrown away and that enable increased and safe food donations

New Food Packaging - Use life cycle assessment tools to assess environmental footprints including impact on food loss and food waste

Standard of Service - Establish guidelines and protocols for accepting certified compostable packaging into organic waste programs

Consumer Communications - Educate consumers on the valuable role that packaging plays in protecting and preserving food. Support programs that promote healthy diets, portion control and efficient food storage habits.