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• The IFS PACsecure Standard was officially benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) in December 2013.
• The original PACsecure Standard was developed in Canada by PAC, Packaging Consortium, through a 100+ member committee made up of packaging converters, suppliers, users and government. These organizations included firms such as Kraft Foods Global, McCain Foods, General Mills Canada, Coca - Cola, Silgan Plastics, Atlantic Packaging, Owens Illinois and Tetra Pak Canada. The standard was field tested to ensure it is understood at the plant floor. To meet GFSI requirements the Standard was revised in 2012 together with IFS to form IFS PACsecure. PAC is partnered with IFS of Berlin, Germany, which has more than 14,000 certifications worldwide for its GFSI food safety standard.
• A process and product certification based on both science and risk in the control of hazards, IFS PACsecure is the most comprehensive food safety standard for packaging materials in the world.
• Food Safety Magazine - Regulation of Food Packaging. Click here to view.
• Many food producers and retailers may not be taking enough due diligence in auditing packaging suppliers.

Pius Gasser
IFS Representative North America
Technical Support IFS-PACsecure