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PAC NEXT Projects

Projects are proposed by members, then voted and prioritized annually by the PAC NEXT Leadership Council. Project teams meet monthly with specific objectives and deliverables to reach targeted goals.

Packaging Innovation Gateway

Co-Chairs: Brent Heist, Procter & Gamble and Daniel Lantz, Scout Environmental
Goal: To find practical solutions to today's recycling and composting challenges
• More than 30 project team members
• Report release and fact sheets to highlight solutions to the Top 15 Packaging Challenges
• Ongoing case studies discussed in a safe and collaborative forum
• Past guest presenter: Gian DeBelder, Packaging Development, Sustainability, Procter & Gamble

Multi-Layer Laminates

Co-Chairs: Guy McGuffin, GM Consulting and David Yousif, Yousif Sustainable Waste Management Consulting
Goal: To bring together industry experts to develop strategies to recycle flexible films and to complete a pilot to recycle post-consumer multi-material laminates film from material recovery facilities
• More than 20 project team members
• Release of progress report in December 2016
• Development of pilot project proposal with industry and municipal partners
• Past guest presenters: Carlos Ludlow-Palafox, Enval; Leo Blakely, Ecovates; Kerry Sandford, RRS; Andy Glass & Kevin Barnes, JET™ RecyclingFull Wrap Label & PET Thermoform Labels & Adhesives