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A World Without Packaging Waste


To unite leading organizations across the packaging value chain to collaboratively explore, evaluate and mobilize innovative packaging solutions that move toward a circular economy.


To facilitate the convergence of ideas and identify sustainable solutions that lead to zero packaging waste


To minimize recovery system costs, while maximizing recycling rates and the value of recovered materials.

Geographic Boundary

Serving North America while sharing solutions globally.

Guiding Principles

Alignment with like-minded organizations.


Economical recovery that leads to improved reduction, recycling, reuse, up-cycling, composting, energy-from-waste and other emerging technologies.


The Goal - Find solutions that support a circular economy and minimize recovery system costs while maximizing closed loops cycles such as re-use, recycling and composting.

The Materials - All packaging materials must be recovered as technical nutrients for recycling and re-use or as biological nutrients for composting.

Landfill Bans - For all recyclable materials where infrastructure exists or can be supported.

Recovery Hierarchy - Support an integrated waste management system where landfill is not an option and prioritize recovery solutions that work toward a circular economy.

New Packaging & New Materials - Use PAC NEXT resource tools and the Packaging Innovation Gateway to assess all new packages prior to commercialization.

Harmonized Recovery - Harmonize municipal collection programs by province or state to avoid every program being different

Harmonized Reporting (Canada) - A national reporting system (i.e., Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance) to reduce administration costs and to improve the accuracy and timeliness of reporting.

Standard of Service - Minimum and standardized level of service for all municipalities to improve participation and maximize potential recovery through convenience.

Consumer Communications - Communications must be consistent from municipality to municipality. It must consistently engage, educate and inform consumers on the recovery of packaging material.