PAC has partnered with TerraCycle to use their recycling search platform to provide members with more information on where different types of packaging can be recycled. This platform provides various free recycling solutions including curbside and drop-off recycling options for a range of products in the US. Stay tuned for further regions as we expand this program.

How It Works
To find a recycling location near you, simply enter your address into the search bar and select the waste stream(s) you wish to recycle from
the drop-down menu.

You may zoom in or out of the map to narrow or broaden your search by clicking the plus/minus buttons on the bottom right corner of the map.

Once zoomed in, you can browse and select from available recycling options in your area. Available locations in your area will be listed to the left of the map. You can select a card from the list or click on the icon on the map directly to learn more information about a specific location including address, website, and contact details.

Options for Recycling
Drop-off locations: Locations marked with a recycling symbol represent locations where you can drop off your packaging for recycling. These are typically retailers, local recycling centers or other public locations.

Municipal recycling areas: Regions colored red represent townships that offer free local recycling services. These are typically curbside pickup recycling services. If you fall inside the highlighted region, your packaging can be placed in your home recycling bin.

Mailback locations: Location cards marked with an envelope symbol represent locations that accept mail-in packages of waste for recycling.