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Course 3

September 19-21, 2017


Paperboard and Folding Cartons , Corrugated Fibreboard, Box Compression Strength, Distribution Packaging, Glass Containers, Aerosols, Metal and Packaging Machinery



This course considers the combination of various materials and structural choices available in constructing a package as well as evaluating the strength of packaging materials, especially corrugated fibreboard.  Packaging machinery and the production line complete the knowledge base of packaging as an integral part of distributing products.


Learning objectives:

• Paper fibre, standard testing and specifications

• Orientation, folding and dimensioning

• Cottugated board manufacture and conventional measurements of flutes & fibreboard

• Principal physical distribution environmental hazards

• Glass container manufacture and applications

• Metal can construct, aerosol propulsion and regulations

• Packaging machinery and production line design


Course Topics:

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Who should attend?

• Everyone interested in packaging options for a variety of products including paperboard and closure requirements

• Professionals in the areas of Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Packaging, Design and Production

• Employees changing fields in packaging

• Employees new to the packaging industry

  • Paper & Paperboard

    • Cellulose fibre sources and significance of fibre length

    The manufacture of paper and paperboard

    Directionality and related key physical properties

    Sizing, bleaching, calendaring, and clay-coating

    Common paperboard grades

    • Paper mill practice and measuring paperboard

  • Folding Cartons

    • The carton production sequence and sign-offs

    Basic design considerations

    Tube style folding carton designs and variations

    Designs for manual set-up, fifth panel designs

    Internal supports and features

    Beers, Brightwood and other tray-style designs

    • Carton production

  • Corrugated Fibreboard

    • Containerboard caliper, basis weight and types

    • Corrugated board flute sizes and applications

    • Edge-crush test values and box compressions strength

    • Carrier rules and class stamps

    • Corrugated board manufacture

  • Box Compression Strength

    • Compression strength vs. stacking strength

    • Effect of humidity, time, pallet patterns & contents

    • Estimating compression strength using environmental multipliers (workshop)


  • The Distribution Environment

    • Nature of the distribution environment

    • Sources of and damage related to shock inputs

    • Sources of and damage related to vibrational inputs

    • Unit load efficiencies

    • Tracking and assessing damage

    • Joint Industry study and recommendations

  • Glass Packaging

    • Glass raw material and formulation

    Pharmaceutical glass classifications

    Glass production

    Blow & blow and press & blow bottle manufacture

    • Coating and annealing

  • Aerosols & Metal Cans

    Three piece metal cans; steel types and manufacture

    Drawn, draw & iron and impact extruded containers

    Can dimensioning conventions

    Aerosol formulations, dispensers and propellants

    Piston and bag-in-can dispensers

    • Pressurized container regulations

  • Packaging Machinery

    • The nature of the packaging machinery industry

    Custom nature of package machinery and lead times

    Package design, machinablity and productivity

    Intermittent motion vs, rotary motion designs

    • Fast changeovers


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