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The PAC team and Mark McKenney at the 2017 Conference on Canadian Stewardship in Montreal

2018 PAC Global Leadership Awards Launch Party at The Crown in NYC
Dustin Wills, MW Packaging; Jim Downham, PAC;
Josh Close, Bulletproof

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» Select Food Products Plant Tour
November 8, 2017 - North York, ON

» E-commerce Packaging Workshop
November 9, 2017 - Montreal, QC

» Flow Water Plant Tour and Seminar
November 22, 2017 - Aurora, ON

» O-I Montreal Plant Tour
November 29, 2017 - Montreal, QC

» LCBO Summerhill Flagship Tour, Lunch, & Wine Tasting
December 7, 2017 - Toronto, ON

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» Visit our Event Calendar for all of PAC's exciting upcoming courses, workshops and plant tours!

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» Consumer Goods Forum calls for standardised food date labels worldwide

» London Food Coalition tackles food insecurity and waste

» UK government plans to divert all food waste from landfill by 2030

» Global Green and Partners Ramp Up Food Waste Diversion in California

» EU and UN team up to fight antimicrobial resistance and food waste

» NYC proposes to expand food waste separation requirements

» Tetra Pak Publishes 2017 Sustainability Report in Accordance with GRI

» Ryerson Industry Survey about proposed Master's degree in Packaging Design & Technology

» Nestle reports nine month sales for 2017

» Thinfilm raises $110 million as NFC Solutions traction increases among leading consumer brands

» Graphic Packaging to Create a $6 Billion Integrated Paper-Based Packaging Company by Combining with International Paper's North America Consumer Packaging Business

» OCAD - Lyn Jamison Award Winner 2016-2017, Yisu Yu

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2018 PAC Global
Leadership Awards

Entry Deadline Date:
November 10, 2017

» Guest Column:
Emmie Leung,
CEO, ReVital Polymers

» 2016-17 Membership Report now available!

» Packaging Towards a Circular Economy: Fact sheets released!

» RACHEL'S SNEAK PEEK: Make time to celebrate success!

» Industry Event Schedule

» McDonald’s, Starbucks, and more sign ACE UK cup recycling agreement

» China's ban on imports of recycled material prompts US recycling investment

» Companies push for quality as Chinese demand evaporates

» Industry sets deadline for recycling of black plastic packaging

» P&G launches bottle made from ocean plastic

» Coca-Cola European Partners launches packaging reduction initiative

» Study: consumers see value in biodegradable food packaging

» Biodegradable plastics needed to increase recycling efficiency, says EUBP

» San Francisco expands recycling program

» Sustainable packaging is more important than ever

» Rethinking premium packaging from a recycling viewpoint

Photos from the GET SMART Summit on October 17, 2017

Jim Downham, PAC; Joe Jackman, Jackman Reinvents; and Peter Kallai, intelliFLEX

Jim Downham, PAC; Jennifer Lee, Deloitte; David Luttenberger, Mintel; and Peter Kallai, intelliFLEX

Peter Kallai, intelliFLEX; James Lee, Jones Packaging;
and Jim Downham, PAC

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