PAC invites you to participate in this conference led by a panel of experts who will share with you key elements of their success stories "Made in Québec".

Here are a few topics that will be covered:

  • Quebec brands that made it outside Quebec
  • Private labels
  • Design trends
  • Customer Experience
  • Packaging in the Amazon Era
  • Breakthroughs in manufacturing
  • Ecofabrication and the environment

It will be followed by a networking cocktail where everyone will be able to continue exchanging with colleagues, customers, suppliers and experts in our industry.


Thursday, November 7, 2019
12:00-1:00pm - Registration and Lunch
1:00-2:45pm - Conference
2:45-3:00pm - Coffee Break
3:00-4:30pm - Conference
4:30-6:00pm - Networking Cocktail

999 Avenue Émile-Journault
Montréal, QC H2M 2E2

PAC Members: $129
Non Members: $199

*Includes lunch and a drink coupon

Ferdinand Tchounkeu
Vice President of Technical Operations
Nespresso Canada

One brand that understands and expands customer experience through engagement is Nespresso.

From the immersive boutique experience, the Nespresso Club exclusive advantages and the innovative recycling solutions, Nespresso offers a unique omni-channel experience for its consumers.

Come and experience Nespresso’s first-class client relationship from the inside.

Anie Rouleau
President and Founder
Baleco & The Unscented Company

Offering odourless cleaning products to consumers who measure quality by the strength of fragrances was Anie's and The Unscented Company® daring and successful gamble!

In February 2019, Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop® endorse this brand as one of their favourites. Come and hear Anie's success story.

Yves Beauchamp
Shareholder, Vice President Sales
Imprimerie L'Empreinte

The world of printing is changing and diversifying. Packaging is booming in the printing sector and the expertise of Empreinte is associated with several new innovative projects and stands out with its environmental commitment.

Come and hear Yves's success story.

Marc Beauregard
BO Branding et Design

Bo Branding & Design is a team of very talented individuals and dedicated specialists in marketing and design. They contributed to the launch of IÖGO® in 2012 and continue captivating consumers attention and influence their purchasing decisions

Why? How? Come and hear Marc's success story.

Frédérick Michaud
Génacol International

Ensuring his father's succession with his two brothers was a challenge for this second generation. Since 2017, sales have exploded here but mostly through exports.

They have made remarkable breakthroughs in Central America, Asia, Eastern Europe which has resulted in tremendous company growth. Of course this implies an enhanced supply chain including distribution partners as well as packaging that meets various requirements.

Come and hear Frédérick's success story.

Yvan Lapointe
General Manager
Cartier, l'emballage optimisé

The transit of products has been turned upside down by Amazon and online commerce.

CARTIER, a global partner to its customers, ensures the implementation of best business practices and the increased reliability of the packaging during shipment.

The expertise of CARTIER’s laboratory optimizes your packaging. These result in reduced unit costs and increased performance. Case studies will be presented!

Come and hear Yvan’s success story.

Stéphan Berthiaume
Industries Rada et Emballage Roda

The packaging industry has received bad press, but some companies are looking to make a difference with their customers.

Rada Industries and Roda packaging specialize in the production and distribution of packaging components. For 10 years, they positively differentiate themselves for its participation in the circular economy.

Plastic has been a victim of bad press, but technological advances and new certifications are changing the game. How can these improve your eco-friendly record? Concrete applications and highlights will be presented.

Come and hear Stephan’s success story.

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