As we start the next decade there continues to be a huge focus on efforts to efficiently increase the recovery and recycling of valuable packaging materials and in particular plastics. All major corporations have set 2025 and 2030 sustainability goals and joined alliances that address packaging reduction, increased recycled and renewable content, efforts to recover and get value from hard to recycle materials, programs to reduce packaging marine debris. As such new and emerging technologies will play an important role in achieving these goals.

We have three outstanding speakers for this webinar. Dan Lantz (Crows Nest Environmental and PAC) will talk about the on-going challenges we face in today’s MRF’s to recover valuable materials, Joe Hruska (CPIA) will talk about the Materials Recovery For The Future (MRFF) pilot program that is the first curbside recycling program in North America to accept a full range of flexible packaging with other recyclables utilizing advanced MRF and optical sort technologies. And, Larry Logan (Digimarc) will talk about their work and results with the HolyGrail initiative in creating a "digital recycling passport," using digital watermarking to imperceptably enhance packaging with data that is detected by machine vision equipment to create "hyper sorting."

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
10:00am - 11:00am Pacific
1:00pm - 2:00pm Eastern

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Non Members: $49 CAD / $40 US

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This webinar will be recorded. All registrants will receive the recording link following the webinar.


Alan Blake
Director of PAC NEXT US & PAC FOOD
PAC Packaging Consortium

Joe Hruska
Vice President Sustainability
Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Daniel Lantz
PAC NEXT Director
PAC Packaging Consortium
Larry Logan
Chief Evangelist
Digimarc Corporation
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