Tuesday, March 24, 2020

PAC Packaging Consortium on behalf of their members issued letters to the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments calling for the packaging supply chain be designated as an essential service during this time of uncertainty. We are grateful that both Ontario and Quebec have announced positive plans that endorse our manufacturing and supply chain services. British Columbia has yet to declare but we are prepared to support them and the entire country at this time.

We want to contribute to the front line workers and support Canadians sequestered to their homes. We encourage everyone to do their part but exercise extreme caution in doing so. Best wishes to everyone and their families as we combat this COVID-19 crisis. Be safe out there!

PAC Packaging Consortium Letter to Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments

On behalf of PAC’s 325 corporate members, we respectfully request that government designate packaging and its supply chain as essential services during this COVID-19 crisis. This is to ensure that manufacturing and transportation services in the packaging supply chain keep goods and services flowing to the front-line workers and the greater population.

It is of fundamental importance that the industry’s manufacturing facilities stay open and functioning in order to supply the necessary packaging consumer product companies and retailers need to supply goods the public needs through this health crisis. We want to keep the shelves stocked and people safe.

For health and safety reasons grocery retailers have already taken steps to remove over the counter meats, deli items, and bulk foods in favour of packaged products. 
Critical areas that packaging is required to support:

  • Packaging is necessary to protect, preserve and ensure safety of all products including protective wear, medical devices, IV solutions, syringes, cleaners and disinfectants, sanitary and safety supplies used by frontline health care workers.
  • All the stay at home adults, children and infants require safe food and beverages, household cleaners and disinfectants, sanitary supplies and pet food found in grocery retailers and pharmacies.
  • Food service providers must deliver their food and beverages in safe and secure food service packaging to ensure safe home delivery of goods.

This requires many types of packaging from metal cans, plastic containers, trays, wraps, films and flexible packaging to paper, paperboard, corrugated packaging and glass and the suppliers of raw materials. In addition, transportation and distribution services of the supply chain required includes corrugated shipping containers, pallets, banding, shrink wrap materials etc.

Hence PAC and its members wish to contribute and are vital to the supply chain when addressing the needs of Canadian consumers in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. PAC respectfully requests written confirmation with respect to federal, provincial and municipal mandates.


James D Downham
President & CEO
PAC Packaging Consortium

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