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Projects are proposed by members, then voted and prioritized annually by the PAC NEXT Leadership Council. Project teams meet monthly with specific objectives and deliverables to reach targeted goals.


Packaging Innovation Gateway


Goal: To share knowledge on how MRFs operate and better understand which issues can be resolved through design changes as well as improved communication and education to consumers.

Deliverable: Top Packaging Challenges for Recycling in a MRF reports

Project Sponsors: Keith Fanta, P&G, Daniel Lantz, Green By Nature


Multi-Layer Laminated Films & Bags


Goal: To bring together industry experts to evaluate and develop strategies to recycle flexible films building on information from the CPIA/SO/CIF flexible film report. To complete a pilot to recycle PCR multi-layer laminated film from a MRF.

Expected Deliverable(s): PAC NEXT report that evaluates options for the recycling and recovery of flexible films. Initiate and complete a pilot.

Project Sponsors: Guy McGuffin, GM Consulting, David Yousif, Reclay StewardEdge





Working Groups are formed by members with similar interests to brainstorm ideas and discuss potential solutions.


Full Wrap Label & PET Thermoform Labels & Adhesives


Defining common problems and challenges:

• Marketing benefits to using full-wrap label but end-of-life challenges include optical sorters at a MRF cannot identify body material

• Label material results in significant residue; no current end markets

• "Chicken and egg" scenario for approved PET thermoform labels & adhesives


Please contact our Program Manager if interested in joining or proposing a Project or Working Group.


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