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for the Packaging Value Chain


The Goal - To minimize recovery system costs, while maximizing recycling rates and the value of recovered materials. The long term goal is to offset the cost of recovery with the value of the materials recovered.

The Materials - All materials must be recovered

Landfill Bans - Landfill bans for ALL recyclable materials where infrastructure exists.

Recovery Solutions - Reduce, Optimize, Reuse, Recycle, Compost, Upcycle, Recover and Energy-from-Waste are all acceptable recovery solution and should be part of an integrated waste management system.


New Packaging - Encourages adoption of the packaging optimization concepts and life cycle thinking for all new packaging or the enhancement of existing packaging.

New Materials Introduction Process - Encourages auditing of all new materials related to the recovery process using the Packaging Innovation Gateway process prior to commercialization.

Harmonized Recovery - National policy regulations for the recovery of packaging materials must be harmonized federally, by state or province and at the municipal level.

Harmonized Reporting - Adoption of a national reporting system (e.g., approach currently being developed by the Canadian Stewardships Services Alliance) to reduce administration costs and to improve the accuracy and timeliness (monthly) of reporting.

Standard of Service - Minimum and standardized level of service for all municipalities to improve participation and maximize potential recovery through convenience.

Consumer Communications - Consistent harmonized communications from municipality to municipality. The plan needs to engage, educate, and inform consumers on the recovery of packaging material.

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